Seal The Deal and Global Climate Week in Tanzania

EWAT Chairperson

EWAT Chairperson

General Secretary

Vice ChairpersonDIANAH Irenge



Seal the Deal!Is a powerful campaign by the United Nations to encourage governments to agree to a fair, balanced and effective climate agreement when they meet in Copenhagen, December 2009.It is aboutmobilizing individuals and communities on an ambitious scale to raise a strong call for urgent and the global chorus calling on world leaders to seal the deal on a global agreement to combat climate change. It’s about YOU and your future, and the world we leave for our children. (Click on Speakers and Abstract on the right sidebar of your screen to read abstract)

Climate encompasses the statistics of temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, wind, rainfall, atmospheric particle count and numerous other meteorological elements in a given region over long periods of time normally not less than 30 years. Climate condition over many places in the world has experienced climatic shift period due to industrialization, deforestation, increase in fuel burning and other anthropogenic activities that cause alteration in the composition of the atmosphere and contributing to climate change.

Climate change cause severe impacts on human health, biodiversity loss, melting of glacier, change in agricultural practices which lead to unpredictable yield and affect social economy, living standards of the people, effect on national economy among others.

It is important to analyze the consequence that may be brought about by this problem before it is too late, EWAT being a potential partner in the fight against climate change, has organized Global climate week in Tanzania  starting from 20th – 25th September to open forum for discuss on impact of climate change on 25th September by inviting potential key stakeholders in Tanzania who are trying  to combat or invent ways to adapt to the impacts of climate change.

Goals and Objective

The goal of Seal the Deal Climate Week in Tanzania is to create awareness among Tanzanians about the impact of climate change, bring together experts, NGO’s representatives, key government stakeholders and the public in general.

This global climate week also has a focus on mobilizing individuals and communities on an ambitious scale to raise a strong call for urgent and united action on climate change in the country.

Implementation Plan

The workshop expects 70 participants on which 10 are from the Government, 10 representatives from different NGO’s in Tanzania, 10 Lecturers from different higher learning institutions in Tanzania and 40 EWAT members. Each key speaker will present about his/her experience or research that he/she has conducted on the field of climate change. Abstract and Biographies of these speaker are posted on this website to allow general public to leave their comments or ask  questions to our key speaker.

Global Climate Week in Tanzania is expected to take place at Sokoine University of Agriculture at Mazimbu Campus Morogoro on 14th November 2009 from 9:oo am to 4:30 pm.


  1. Hi there,
    This is a fantastic initiative and i wish you only the very best.
    I was wondering whether you would be able to present the youth statement that came out of the global townhall for children and youth in korea in August during this time. We had several participants from Tanzania attend this conference.
    In addition please visit the Seal the Deal website at in order to download logos and more information.

    • Thanks and keep on visiting this web as we shall be updating it now and then

  2. Thus nice guys,
    It is a good idea to have this meeting concerning climate especial at this time where the Global change in Weather going so fast.
    As students, workers and people who deals with the issues infruence the climate we must use our knowledge and skills to make sure the climate is protected for the benefit of this generation and for the future life.

  3. Hi there,
    How did Global Climate week in Tanzania go?

    • We did not manage to hold the event due to some factors but we are now working on plan B as this means a lot to us

  4. We have sent some comments and the waiting period has been subjected to unbearable suspense. Please we deseariously need more informations.

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